PCE Bioremediation in Aerobic Groundwater

PCE bioremediation in aerobic groundwater by CL-Out microbes reduced environmental risk at a printing company in Kentucky.  Testing found high concentrations of PCE in perched ground-water.  The ground water aquifer was in sn alluvial sand deposit with high permeability.  The high permeability facilitated injection for in situ treatment.  Also, the high permeability of the aquifer matrix also supported aerobic ground water conditions.  With one application of CL-Out the concentration of PCE decreased from 3,600 ug/L to 250 ug/L in less than 45 days.  With further applications the concentration was reduced to below detection limits in 10 months.

Aerobic PCE Bioremediation By Cometabolism

CL-Out is a consortium selected for aerobic PCE bioremediation.  CL-Out cometabolizes PCE by growing on a simple sugar and producing a metabolic enzyme to degrade PCE.  The microbes produce a dioxygenase enzyme that breaks the carbon bond in PCE.  This reaction eliminates the biproducts of reductive dechlorination.  Also, the synergistic effect of the CL-Out consortium cometabolizes the full suite of chloroethenes and chloroethanes. Read more…

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