Early Leader in Environmental Bioremediation

CL Solutions was founded to solve environmental problems for dry cleaners in 1999.  The same patented biological technologies have solved environmental problems at gas stations and other industries and businesses.  Innovative applications of aerobic bioremediation to emerging contaminants, like pesticides, perchlorate, and solvents, made CL Solutions a leader in bioremediation for 25 years.

Our bioremediation products, CL-Out™ and Petrox™, have been used throughout North America since 1997.  They are field-proven to successfully close sites in a shorter period of time than other remediation technologies currently available – a fact that helps property owners restore value to their property and realize substantial cost savings.

Our microbial blends are effective when used as a stand-alone remediation solution or to augment existing treatment technologies.  Each product stands up to rigorous product safety and quality standards. And, because of their faster than average cleanup rates, all CL Solutions products remain remarkably affordable, making property redevelopment feasible for any contaminated industrial or commercial sites.

Bioremediation Product Overview

As a leader in the field of aerobic bioremediation, CL Solutions rapidly and affordably bioremediates soil and groundwater contaminated with hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents. The company’s products, CL-Out™ and Petrox™, contain combinations of microscopic organisms (microbes) that occur naturally in the earth’s ecosystem.

Extracted from a once-contaminated sites and isolated under controlled laboratory conditions, these microbes destroy contamination at its source, and convert it into harmless by-products like carbon dioxide and water. Click here to find out how microbes remove organic pollutants.

Complete remediation often occurs in a matter of weeks or months versus several years or more for other methods.  Fast results lead to cost savings. Bioremediation with our products is effective as a stand-alone technology or may be used to augment an existing treatment method to close sites that have gone on too long.


At CL Solutions, we realize that property owners and remediation companies are ready for something different – an approach that works with the natural site conditions instead of fighting nature.  This approach leads to cost savings and faster, more complete remediation.

We offer such an approach. Our remediation technology uses a high-concentration solution of all-natural,  aerobic microbes to remediate contaminated soil and groundwater in place. Once we help determine that our microbes are compatible with your site conditions, they can be applied in-situ or ex-situ in a very straight-forward process.

Bioaugmentation has a long list of advantages: foremost, it is fast, safe, effective, and affordable. In addition, it also does not require specialized equipment, long-term rentals, waste removal, or hazardous chemicals.

Getting Started

Let CL Solutions help you design a custom bioaugmentation plan for your site. We not only prepare detailed proposals and cost estimates, but we provide expert technical support throughout the life of your project.  Our expertise from hundreds of field applications augments your capabilities at no additional cost.

Experience Counts

Contact us for a no-cost assessment of the potential for bioremediation at your site.

Help Explaining Bioremediation to Your Clients

Click here for links to crib sheets that will help you explain bioremediation to your clients.