CL-Out™ delivers active, rapid bioremediation of environmental contamination caused by chlorinated solvents.

Step-by-Step Instructions for CL-Out Inoculation


CL-Out applications are usually to in situ soil or ground water.  The application may be through drill rods or temprary screened injection wells.  The same procedures may be followed for application by surface spraying, shallow tilling or trenches.

CL-Out Application Instructions:

  1. The CL-Out arrives in plastic bags bags packed in dry ice. Keep the product on dry ice or in a freezer until ready to use. If kept frozen, the product is stable for up to one year.
  2. On the day prior to inoculation, place the contents of each bag in a clean or lined 55-gallon drum. Fill the drums with approximately 50 gallons of clean tap water.  Keep the  drums at room temperature for the next 8 to 8 hours.
  3. After 8 to 24 hours,the hydrated CL-Out is ready to inoculate the soil or ground water.  Add 50 pounds of dextrose to each drum of CL-Out. Stir the solution to completely dissolve the dextrose.
  4. Once the dextrose has dissolved, place a submersible pump, with hose attached, into the drum of CL-Out and attach the hose to the direct push drive rods or wellhead. Pump the solutions into the ground at a rate and pressure appropriate for the formation.
  5. After the inoculation is complete, pour or pump fresh water through the hoses or well to clean out the residual CL-Out/dextrose solution.