Petrox-DN™ delivers active, rapid bioremediation of environmental contamination caused by most nitrate-containing materials.

An All-Natural Product

Petrox-DN contains a highly-concentrated solution of live, patented strains of lyophilized (freeze-dried) Pseudomonas organisms that occur naturally in the earth’s ecosystem. These cultures are free of pathogens, and there is no artificial mutation or genetic engineering involved. Extracted from a once-contaminated site and isolated under controlled laboratory conditions, these “hungry bacteria®” will convert nitrate contamination into nitrogen gas and cellular biomass.

From Brown To Green Faster

Site closure often occurs in a matter of weeks or months versus several years or more for other methods, giving users the combined benefit of fast site closure and remarkable cost savings.

Standard Blend

Petrox-DN can be used as a highly effective stand-alone nitrate decontamination solution for new sites, or as a powerful augmentation to speed the remediation of existing sites. The standard blend consists of a consortium of Pseudomonas organisms.


Petrox-DN is intended primarily for the degradation of ammonium nitrates such as agricultural fertilizer that may contaminate soil and ground water through spills or excessive application. However, Petrox-DN cannot degrade urea. Petrox-DN may be used in combination with other nitrifying bacteria to degrade these compounds. Other nitrogen compounds such as explosives may be degraded by Petrox-DN, but its applicability should be determined on a case-by-case basis.


The organisms in Petrox-DN require a food source to maintain their population and metabolic activity long enough to distribute through the soil and ground water. Food-grade dextrose is recommended and provided with each order of Petrox-DN.

Environmental Conditions for Effective Treatment

Parameter Effective Range Optimum Range
PH 4.5-9.5 6.0-8.0
Temperature 32-105ºF 55-90ºF
Salinity 0-5% <5%