Sustainable Products for Industrial Maintenance

While our products have been traditionally used for soil and ground water remediation, biological products are becoming more popular alternatives to chemicals for industrial maintenance.

Petrox EC is used as a floor cleaner in areas of frequent oil and grease accumulation.  One of the benefits of Petrox EC is that it does not make the floor slippery like detergent cleaners do.  Petrox EC is a safe combination of a pH-neutral surfactant that removes the oil and grease and microbes that provide on-going residual cleanup.



Petrox is used to improve the effectiveness of oil/water separators and industrial wastewater treatment.  Petrox destroys the residual dissolved-phase or suspended oil that may cause permit violations.  Petrox removes fuel oil at a rate of 15 mg/L/hr and edible oil at 22.6 mg/L/hr.


Corksorb absorbents are a cost-effective, sustainable alternative to mineral and synthetic absorbents.  With an absorption capacity of ten times traditional absorbents, Corbsorb absorbents are used in smaller amounts and socks and booms last longer without replacement.

barreiras_01industrial boom

Together these products provide a full line of safer and sustainable industrial maintenance products without sacrificing quality.  Call CL Solutions for a quote or to discuss your needs today 513-475-6625.



Better Oily Surface Cleanup With Petrox EC

Petrox EC combines the benefits of a superior surfactant and oil-metabolizing microbes to remove oil from surfaces without increasing slipperiness.  Petrox EC is used for industrial maintenance to remove various cutting, lube and fuel oils that accumulate during normal operations.  Detergent cleaners leave a film on the floor that increases the potential slip hazard to workers and customers.  Petrox EC is a non-detergent cleaner that removes the oil without leaving behind a soapy film.

As an added benefit, Petrox EC contains microbes that continue to breakdown the oil that has penetrated pores in the floor for a longer lasting treatment.

The following photograph shows side-by-side comparison of the benefits of Petrox EC over detergent cleaners.  The Petrox EC treated area on the right-hand side of the photograph shows better oil removal and no water beading on the surface.


Improve Soil Flushing and LNAPL Removal with Petrox EC

Petrox EC is a product that combines a surfactant with petroleum-degrading microbes to improve separate phase oil recovery and bioremediation of residual oil.  The combined approach improves the rate of oil removal from soil and other subsurface media and establishes a beneficial petroleum-degrading microbial population that will treat tightly bound or deeply penetrated oil.

Petrox EC has been used in combination with periodic LNAPL extraction by pumping or bailing.   In field applications the surfactant effect has increased the LNAPL recovery rate by more than 10 fold.

Petrox EC has also been used to improve the efficiency of air sparging by flushing oil from the sediment surface for sparging and vapor phase recovery.