Better Oily Surface Cleanup With Petrox EC

Petrox EC combines the benefits of a superior surfactant and oil-metabolizing microbes to remove oil from surfaces without increasing slipperiness.  Petrox EC is used for industrial maintenance to remove various cutting, lube and fuel oils that accumulate during normal operations.  Detergent cleaners leave a film on the floor that increases the potential slip hazard to workers and customers.  Petrox EC is a non-detergent cleaner that removes the oil without leaving behind a soapy film.

As an added benefit, Petrox EC contains microbes that continue to breakdown the oil that has penetrated pores in the floor for a longer lasting treatment.

The following photograph shows side-by-side comparison of the benefits of Petrox EC over detergent cleaners.  The Petrox EC treated area on the right-hand side of the photograph shows better oil removal and no water beading on the surface.